As the owner of CMM solutions, I have learned a lot about resilience and how to deal with stress and time constraints from my own experience and professional life to date.

Why not share this knowledge? Resilience and stress should not be seen as taboo subjects; rather, they should be addressed frankly and discussed openly with an eye to learning from one another. This conviction has motivated me to start this blog.

My goal isn’t to write in an “I know better than you” kind of way – instead, I wish to share my ideas and thoughts on how to reflect on your own situation in order to learn from each other.
Perhaps you have also struggled – or are currently grappling – with a stressful situation. It may be difficult to open up and talk about it, but by doing so, many fears and concerns can become less daunting, making it possible to identify the root of your worries and calm down. “Learning” how to enjoy free time is especially becoming a more and more important topic in this day and age – let’s tackle it together!