What makes a good coach?


From our perspective: being able to quickly grasp the situation at hand, combined with empathy and a strong problem-solving strategy.

Our main coaching focus is on developing solutions that are fact-based and unique. We support individuals as well as teams in improving the current work situation, solving conflicts and steering projects to a positive completion.




Increase performance, improve teamwork, help project teams become “ready to go” – moderating teambuilding events and workshops is an important component of our work. This applies to matrix organizations and international settings as well.

Career Coaching

The primary target group of our career coaching – which is motivated by reflection on our own past career paths – is young professionals who seek orientation in the professional environment. Our objective should be to develop a career plan together which includes, in a holistic manner, your professional focus in addition to the usual “five-year plan”.

Conflict Management

Conflicts are a part of everyday working life and can arise in the course of a project; the important thing is how we deal with them. We firmly believe that it is possible to gain competence in handling conflicts and we are happy to help both individuals and teams adopt a solution-oriented way to deal with conflicts in order to emerge from them even stronger.

Management Coaching

Our management coaching is designed for executive employees who intend to make a career jump in the near future or who have recently been granted greater responsibility. The goal of our coaching is for you to gain confidence in your professional demeanor and appearance in the new position – from updating your wardrobe for occasions that may be new and unfamiliar to managing your managers, our focus is unique and needs-oriented.


Start-Up Coaching

While there are many who dream of starting their own business, only a few take the steps that are required to make their dream a reality. We will show you the steps that you need to take and how you can best prepare yourself to start a company, thus enabling you to get your own start-up off the ground in a targeted manner and with as little risk as possible. In addition to the official steps, such as commercial registration at the administrative office, we support you first and foremost with everything from your business plan, marketing, product definition and target customer analysis right up to your own internet presence.

Productivity Coaching

Do you feel that you could get more done in the time that is available to you? Do you need support or a refresher course when it comes time management? We can help you with targeted techniques and supporting tools so that you can manage your to-dos with the same level of quality and in better time, all while achieving an improved work-life balance. What is really important and how can I implement it in the best way possible? Together, we will take a close look at these questions and work out the answers to them.

Job Application Coaching

Do you want a career change but have not been active on the labor market for several years? Using the tools and approaches of today, we can help you navigate the application process and show you the opportunities that arise as a result. If necessary, we will also prepare you for an assessment center or provide you with orientation aids if you do not yet have a clear idea of which direction you would like your professional reorientation to go. Our many years of experience in the recruitment process and as a coach for company outplacement initiatives will help you take a focused approach to finding the job that is right for you.

Personal Development Coaching

Are you dissatisfied with your own personal characteristics and would like to change these in order to, for example, be more successful in your career? We can help you with this by making an agreement on the desired goal and looking at it with you in concrete situations – or possibly also in the form of an observation (shadowing) – and working together on these characteristics as well as simulative practice sessions. In many cases, this kind of coaching is also offered as part of support programs by companies for employees – we conduct these kinds of coaching sessions as well.

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