No boilerplate concepts – we aim to understand and support you on an individual basis by asking questions and letting our curiosity guide us.

You are closely involved in the consultation process as a partner on equal footing from day one. Joint analysis of a challenge is the starting point of the change process. We have set ourselves the goal of truly understanding our clients and their issues. Ideally, we guide our clients through both the process of identifying the solution and the realization phase in order to bring the changes and projects to a positive conclusion. Should there be any new challenges on the horizon, you won’t be left in the lurch – we’re happy to provide further assistance.

Project, process and change management are the key areas of our consulting concept.

Project Management

Our professional experience in managing many projects of various sizes and levels of complexity in combination with PMI, PRINCE II and GPM certification allows us to combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience when it comes to focusing on your business’s specific project situation.

In-house Knowledge Management

To provide the right information at the right time and of the right quality to the user who needs it – this is one of the most difficult tasks faced by businesses today in the complex world of work and processes. But what if sources of information are difficult to access or crucial knowledge carriers have left the company? If this is the case, we can help you with the creation and optimization of a blended learning strategy, for example, or with individual components for internal qualification measures.


Process Management

Process optimization and adaptation are essential in a volatile world with ever-changing market requirements. We’ll support you in this with methodological competence and experience. Particular emphasis is placed on our experience in the logistics sector.

Moderation and Presentation

For kick-off workshops with project teams or for town-hall-style meetings – with our years of experience in moderation and media, we are the right contact for your event. We‘re more than happy to help with the organizational preparation for the event, to make sure it will be a success for everyone.

Change Management

Managing change is one of the most important tasks for projects and optimization processes – however, it is all too often neglected. What good is the greatest project if the users then reject it because no one had thought about including them in the process beforehand? How much time and resources are wasted because not enough time was invested in active change management? We can help you to conduct an accompanying change management initiative that suits your plans in order to make sure there’s nothing standing between you and success.


Do you need a temporary manager who is both proficient and experienced during a leadership transition or strategic project? Whether it’s in the role of project or line manager – we learn the ropes in new fields and processes in a structured manner, incorporating our extensive experience, healthy curiosity and quick thinking. We enjoy working on the strategically relevant issues of the moment in a forward-looking way in collaboration with current employees, and we’re looking forward to contributing to your success!

Systemic Organizational Consulting & Transformation Management

for us, these are more than just buzzwords. We know from past experience that careful planning and realization of change processes is often underestimated and “lost in the shuffle” of day-to-day business. Resignation, forfeited credibility, lack of enthusiasm, financial loss and other possible consequences can be avoided by prioritizing change processes accordingly.

We prefer to take part in change and transformation processes from early on since we can avoid unnecessary difficulties and delays if the process has been properly prepared along with the specification of requirements. It’s normal for both technical and emotional challenges to arise when the process has already begun; its scope and objectives can change as a result of external influences or there could be conflicts to deal with. Even if this is the case, we’ll still be by your side. From the initial idea to implementation – we support you with flexibility, out-of-the-box thinking, clarity, a sense of humor and empathy as you conduct change in a professional manner and by being a role model, involving your team members to actively take part in this change.



Specialist consulting in Global Logistics

In a global business world, topics such as supply chain optimization, process and IT management are becoming more and more important – and not only for traditional logistics companies. Operating internationally can pose especially high risks for growing small and medium-sized enterprises.

Why go through lengthy trial-and-error phases yourself when you can benefit from years of expert knowledge? From the detailed technical level to top management, we have built up our expertise from years of experience in various internationally focused functions in all areas of logistics. You want to conquer the world? Then come benefit from our experience.